LifePlan Academy

An international pedagogical and educational self-development program offering practical and effective tools to achieve individual goals, focused on the implementation of creative and non-standard solutions and building the mental resilience of children and adolescents around the world.

Our mission

Since 1996, we have been helping to overcome barriers and make dreams come true by sharing knowledge and experience in the field of motivation, setting goals and striving to achieve them. We help you make changes in yourself and build your own value. We focus on strengthening the potential of each person. We want everyone to know that they have the strength and power to make their dreams come true.

We give knowledge and strength to make your dreams come true

We run LifePlan Academy – a program that changes the lives of children and adolescents, building mental resilience and teaching them to achieve goals.

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Podopieczni fundacji Marka Kamińskiego

The Poles Method is our signpost

The Poles Method is Marek Kamiński’s proprietary solution, based on the thoughts and experiences of his extraordinary expeditions. It supports personal development – primarily by building motivation and protecting against its loss. The Pole is a specific, clearly defined goal, and the method itself in 5 practical steps allows you to go on the path to getting to know yourself in order to be able to achieve it. The key to determining your own pole are dreams – even those seemingly unattainable.

Development of the LifePlan Academy program

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Life Plan Academy is a fundamental project of the Marek Kamiński Foundation

Pomagamy młodzieży odkryć
własny potencjał

LPA is an international motivational and development program for young people, created on the basis of the Pole Method by Marek Kamiński. A program in which we discover participants’ potential, develop skills, equip them with capital for the rest of their lives, and, above all, help build self-esteem by working with the body and mind.

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