The Pole method is our signpost

The Biegun method is an original method based on the thoughts and experiences of Marek Kamiński. It was created on the basis of Marek’s extreme expeditions, where he often exceeded the limits of human endurance.

The method gives specific tools helpful in the everyday life of children and adolescents, supporting their mental resilience and awakening in them motivation to achieve their life goals and dreams.

Pole Method

The Poles Method is Marek Kamiński’s proprietary solution, based on the thoughts and experiences of his extraordinary expeditions. It supports personal development – primarily by building motivation and protecting against its loss. The Pole is a specific, clearly defined goal, and the method itself in 5 practical steps allows you to go on the path to getting to know yourself in order to be able to achieve it. The key to determining your own pole are dreams – even those seemingly unattainable.

Working on the project of Marek Kamiński’s foundation.

Praca nad projektem podopiecznyc fundacji Marka kamińskiego

Step 1 - Discover your Pole

For me, the Pole is all that makes me move. The pole is something that you also carry within you that you should discover.

The Pole is your goal, destination, dream, something you strive for. It is in you, waiting for its definition, expression. To determine it, you need to look at yourself. Who am I? What is the most important thing in life for me? Where am i going Where am I going? What are my dreams? What is calling me? 

Step 2 - Road Map

The inner strength is not in dreams, independent thinking, but in the ability to build scenarios. If you dream about something, think about how to achieve it step by step. Then do it.

With your goal in mind, it is time to prepare your road map. Visualization of “tipping points” (possible difficulties and obstacles) in order to get used to them in advance. What do I need for such an expedition? What knowledge and skills? What I need to strengthen in myself?

Step 3 - The way is important, not the goal

The most important thing is the way and what we learn about the way and the world on this way.

Dear, it’s the moment when you set out, take your first steps. The goal is in front of you, but the value is the Path to it. Your goal, you and the path you follow are one. The fact that you are following is as essential as the goal you are striving for.

Step 4 - Two poles

On the way to the goal, we learn what success is and what is failure.

Both of these things are neither good nor bad, both are experiences. Success can also turn into failure – if we pride ourselves, we can harm ourselves and others. Success can be more deceptive than failure.

Step 5 - Know yourself

The whole path accumulates in the change inside a person. Reaching a goal is a moment, the lesson about yourself is for life.

Who were you at the point of exit and who were you at the point of exit? How has the road changed you? What have you learned about yourself? What kind of reality will you create now? What has changed fundamentally about you? What values ​​and beliefs have become the most important? What will now mark your path?